Business Philosophy
Digital Idea Multi-Media Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and immediately entered formal development of the digital content industry. We are also one of the few companies to engage in development of the digital content industry in mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong/Macao. In just two years, moreover, our revenues jumped to the Top Three in the industry while at the same time expanding licensing to overseas regions. We have successively obtained licenses for related music content in China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam for use in Taiwan, officially making it a component of the mobile payment content service.

In addition to actively researching and developing products for different ethnic markets and fully leveraging our own advantages, we have also responded to competition and an increasingly fierce market environment by officially entering the mobile online shopping market starting from 2016. We have established an e-commerce platform and subsequently evolved towards providing online cross-border remittance services for e-fintech while actively expanding our market share.

As a professional operator of financial digital technology applications and e-commerce service platforms, Digital Idea Multi-Media actively invests in smartphone program development and is expanding in the field of financial technology and in cross-industry cooperation with telecommunications companies. We shall strive to cultivate the strongest technical team in the industry while continuing to attract outstanding talent. This in turn will allow us to continuously enhance the Company’s added value and enhance shareholder’s equity, thereby setting a new paradigm in mobile industry competition amid the trends of the digital age.