Fintech Services

    Our Company has a deep understanding of the lives and needs of foreign migrant workers in Taiwan as we have considered how digital technology might be used to solve the inconveniences surrounding the making of remittances, arising from language barriers and limited freedom to venture outside. With the technical development expertise of Digital Idea Multi-Media, the "IndoGo" brand was therefore established in 2016 to create convenient remittance services tailored for Indonesian migrant workers. We have thus created an innovative remittance model of [APP ordering and entrusting foreign exchange settlement] + [supermarket remittance collection on others’ behalf]. The Company has signed direct contracts with the four major supermarkets for entrusted collection and so is cooperating with more than 10,000 chain supermarket locations in Taiwan to allow migrant workers to complete remittance payments close to home. The legal remittance of funds to designated accounts of migrant workers solves the problem of remittances for the well-being of many families with low freedom to go out, and makes "IndoGo" a familiar and trusted remittance brand in the minds of Indonesian migrant workers.

  PT Indogo Express Remittance

    In order to deepen the remittance business of Indonesian migrant workers and cooperate with the government's New Southbound Policy, a wholly owned subsidiary was established in Indonesia in 2019, called PT Indogo Express Remittance. In October 2020, it successfully obtained the Fund Transfer Operator License issued by the Bank of Indonesia, making the remittance business more efficient and compliant.

Based in Taiwan, Looking toward Asia

    With our additional targeting of migrant workers in Southeast Asia, the Company will successively establish subsidiaries in East and Southeast Asian countries or cooperate with local partners to build a complete cross-border financial clearing network.