Digital Content Service

1. Music downloads/ringtone applications
Provide ringtones, music boxes, ringtones, and full song download services on the top five domestic telecommunications platforms. Through the settings, users can use their favorite music for incoming calls rather than just a traditional ringtone.

2. MOD/IPTV set-top box entertainment service
We cooperate with domestic cable TV suppliers to develop set-top box entertainment content, with everything from karaoke and gaming to adult services readily available. The future will be golden with a full orientation toward service apps such that operations run more smoothly and offer more experiences.

3. Adult entertainment games for mobile devices
In view of the diversity of services today, platforms will no longer only be simplified to attract more diverse users; instead, they will allow games to be perfectly combined with adults in order to achieve the purpose of service diversification. The three services of mobile + PC multi-screen interface, game integration, and adult/sex shops are combined into one entertainment platform.